Fanfare for Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock tomorrow!

Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock are playing together tonight at the Vancouver’s Chan Centre in a stellar sold-out show.  I was commissioned to compose a brass fanfare  to be performed pre-concert.  Here’s the program note to “Children, Hunting” (the comma is important!):

“This little fanfare is loosely inspired by the sentiments and materials in Chick Corea’s Children’s Songs and Herbie Hancock’s Head Hunters album,  striving to integrate their contrasts and commonalities with the composer’s own sensibilities.  It is a small and humble tribute, both to these incredible artists, and to the spirit of always hunting for new adventures with the fresh, wondering eyes of a child.”
Concert is at 7:00 PM on March 15, 2015, and the fanfare will be performed at 6:30 PM and 6:45 PM at the Chan Shun Concert Hall.