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Orchestral Music

The Orator for string orchestra, 21”, 2011.

Escape from the Reavers (from “Serenity”), 1.5”, 2007.

The Unclosing Eye for orchestra, 7”, 2005.

Concert Band Music

Tilting Sunward, for wind ensemble, 7″, 2013. (excerpt from reading session)

Myosotis, for solo vocal pianist, 10″, 2013

Mosaic Dances, for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, 8″, 2013

through and out for erhu and violoncello, 6”, 2012.

Serenade for woodwind quintet, 18”, 2010.
1. Andante semplice

2. Romance. Larghetto con poco rubato

3. Finale. Allegro con brio

Quartet No. 1 for saxophone quartet, 16”, 2008.

Four Prairie Seeds for saxophone, violin, percussion and piano, 13”, 2008.

Fanfare for New Places for woodwind quintet, 2”, 2009.

Fantasy for alto saxophone and string quartet, 15”, 2006.

Trio for clarinet, violin and piano, 11”, 2005.

Humoreske for violin, cello and piano, 6”, 2005.

Film Music