May 24 Ethos premieres “Artichoke”

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my stint as composer-in-residence for Ethos Collective this year, with all the liberating fun that goes with composing for an improvising ensemble.  My work  written especially for them,”Artichoke” will be performed by them at their May 24th concert, presented by Vancouver Pro Musica as part of their Further concert series.  Here’s a taste, for the curious, via the programme note for the work:

 The artichoke (Cynara cardunculus var. scolymus) is a variety of a species of thistle cultivated as a food, the edible portion being contained in the flower bud before it blossoms.  The bud contains the heart, which is the meaty core of the artichoke, and is topped by a fuzzy center, or choke, which is surrounded by layers of thorny petals, which protect the artichoke heart.  To eat, the thorny tip of each petal is usually trimmed, and the artichoke is boiled or steamed. The petals are often removed one at a time, and the fleshy base eaten, and the choke is then peeled away and discarded.  Once the heart is reached, one can experience the subtle artichoke flavor, which has been called mellow, nutty, and tangy: surprisingly sweet and yet savory.

Come experience Artichoke and a host of other new works, 7:30 PM at Pyatt Hall in Vancouver on May 24th.