Montreal Contemporary Music Lab 2012

Poster for MCMLI was very glad to be part of the first annual Montreal Contemporary Music Lab this June. With interesting presentations by distinguished gust artists, two thrilling concerts, leisurely opportunities to connect with peer composers and musicians from across Canada and the US, and lively discussions all round, it was a truly memorable and formative experience. Most eye-opening of all, perhaps, was getting to witness first-hand some trends of the Montreal new music scene, or at least the McGill new music scene, which might be a major influence on, or at least of indicator, of some major trends for much of the rest of Canada. Exploring this heaping cultural smorgasbord of a city was pretty nice too!

Of course the crux of the workshop for every participant was bringing a new work of music, composed specifically for the workshop, to life. Working with Lan Tung on erhu and Rachel Gauntlett on cello on my little duo “through and out” was rewarding in countless ways. Hearing it along with the 14 other world premieres at the Café l’Artère was a very rare treat. Thanks and congratulations to everyone!

Nova in Montreal!
Nova in Montreal!

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