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Monica Meneghetti’s poem Myosotis captured the sense of wondrous aliveness I have felt while trekking through the Rocky Mountains, and inspired me with how a poem, or even a forget-me-not flower, can recall such a feeling.  In response, I sought to create a musical invocation, and convey my sense of the poem through sound integrated with text.   Through the course of the work, a short musical motive is developed to evoke both the outer surroundings and inner mental states, and incorporated with extended use of the piano strings, in striving for the unique, heightened intensity of mountain experiences.

Recall how the sky-blue alpine
forget-me-not in Latin sounds like
my-oh-so-tis, like, “oh my! so it is” – a discovery.

Remember how, mind-altered from hours of pure air, you returned
to Skoki’s main lodge, and reclined on the daybed, still
tingling from the spell of tarn and meadow.

What did you wish for then? A reminder
of sensation:
head-to-toe hum,
bones tuned to pitch of peaks.

You wanted a touchstone for your wild
senses, for how your vision loses zoom, becomes wide-angled eye
so you may see
fescue and bluegrass relinquish
their single blades to form tussocks of undulation,
while in the same wind,
spruce and pine list
in unison like the fur of an enormous mammal.

Leaving for home, you passed the lake named Myosotis.
“oh, ‘tis so mine” – an affirmation.
You needed a poem.
I gave you a blossom of sound.

Text by Monica Meneghetti



Duration: ca. 10 minutes

Instrumentation: solo vocal pianist

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