Pond Terzetto No. 1

The opportunity to give the premiere performance of this work is available! Contact me to find out more.

For two years I lived on a forested property in a remote rural area within the Canadian “Aspen Parkland” area of North Eastern Alberta.  My house was very close to a large pond, and from early in the spring, I was surrounded by almost overwhelmingly effusive birdsong, seemingly all day long.
Listening thoughtfully to this soundscape over time affected me in many ways, and one of them was being struck by the compositional potential of the birdsongs as musical motives, even with little to no modification or transposition.  The calls of specific birds, down to regional and individual variation, was my source material, and only very gently massaged in order to function for the instruments.   The first result Pond Terzetto No.1, a work for flute, oboe and clarinet, where I embraced the original gestures and “keys” offered by the birds in their calls, and and found a human musicality within their wildness.
Duration: 12 minutes
Instrumentation: flute, oboe, clarinet in A.

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