Serenade for woodwind quintet

1. Andante semplice

2. Romance. Larghetto con poco rubato

3. Finale. Allegro con brio

The term “serenade” originally signified a musical greeting or tribute to a beloved, admired, or eminent person. This connotation informs the emotional aims of the work, which is intended to be a loving tribute and expression of tender gratitude to the beings in my life who matter most to me. With a somewhat neoclassical approach, the three movements each undergo a contrasting journey exploring the developmental and affective potential of thematic material expressed at the outset of each movement.

“Serenade” for wind quintet was first performed on Feb. 21, 2010 3:00 PM by Quintessence Winds at Scarboro United Church in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Duration: 18 minutes
Insrumentation: flute, oboe, clarinet in Bb, French horn, bassoon

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