The Dance of Oya

I wrote “The Dance of Oya” for a call for one-minute pieces composed for Michelle McQuade Dewhirst on solo French horn.  It was chosen among 15 works from around the world for performance at a Vox Novus 15-Minutes-of-Fame concert on March 11, 2012 in New York City.

In Yoruba mythology, Oya is the warrior-spirit of the wind, lightning, fertility, fire and magic. As she dances, tornadoes and hurricanes are produced by the whirling of her skirts. She is seen as the spirit of change, transition, and the chaos that often brings it about.

My work closes the concert, starting at 7:09 of Part II, below. Go to the concert’s page  to watch Part I of the concert, and read programme notes of all the works and bios of the composers.

The score is offered here free for perusal or performance with the caveat that you let me know if you perform it!  If you just download it, I’d love to hear from you too.

View the Score for The Dance of Oya by Nova Pon

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