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Sept. 20:Wayfaring at WCMA Awards Showcase at 2PM in Victoria at St. John the Divine Anglican Church

Nov. 22:Gianetta Baril's concert "Wayfaring" will include my piece...Wayfaring!

Jan. 24 and 27:Cordei and Johanna Hauser perform Invocation (read more)

March 20 Standing Wave plays Mosaic Dances in Sonic Boom at the Orpheum Annex

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May 22 Ambleside premieres “Adagio”


Adagio is a piece that is particularly close to my heart.  The work was written reflecting on both loss and Spring, and technically, it is realized through several mensuration canons.  I really look forward to hearing what the multigenerational Ambleside Orchestra is putting into it, along with Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture, Oboe Concerto in D […]


May 24 Ethos premieres “Artichoke”


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my stint as composer-in-residence for Ethos Collective this year, with all the liberating fun that goes with composing for an improvising ensemble.  My work  written especially for them,”Artichoke” will be performed by them at their May 24th concert, presented by Vancouver Pro Musica as part of their Further concert series.  Here’s a taste, […]


WCMA Nomination for “Wayfaring”

Gianetta Baril and Jeremy Brown record Nova Pon's Wayfaring in Lethbridge, Sept. 2011.


Gianetta Baril, harp and Jeremy Brown, saxophone record Nova Pon’s Wayfaring in Lethbridge, Sept. 2011.

I’m excited to just found out that my work “Wayfaring” was nominated for a Western Canadian Music Classical Composition of the Year award, and among such familiar, admirable company: Jocelyn Morlock, Dorothy Chang, Keith Hamel and Owen Underhill!  It […]


Fanfare for Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock tomorrow!

Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock are playing together tonight at the Vancouver’s Chan Centre in a stellar sold-out show.  I was commissioned to compose a brass fanfare  to be performed pre-concert.  Here’s the program note to “Children, Hunting” (the comma is important!):

“This little fanfare is loosely inspired by the sentiments and materials in Chick Corea’s Children’s Songs and […]


Winner of the 2015 CMC Prairie Region’s Emerging Composer Competition

The Canadian Music Centre is the true hub of contemporary concert music in Canada, and I’m honored to have won the Emerging Composer Competition for the CMC branch that nurtured me in my earliest years, the Prairie Region. The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra will give the premiere of my piece “Awakenings” on February 3 at the […]