Premiere of “Myosotis” at “Going North 2”

Going North 2 Poster



It’s always very fulfilling to connect my music with things I love and people who can relate to it.  Myosotis, a work for solo speaking pianist, based on a poem by Banff poet Monica Meneghetti, (Myosotis refers to the Latin name of the alpine forget-me-not flower and a lake in Banff National Park), had the fortune of being premiered to mountain residents who can especially relate to the text and emotional response to the work.  The “Going North 2” concert was exciting mix of Brazillian and Canadian pieces performed by Luciane Cardassi in Canmore on Jan. 12.

To create this piece for Luciane was a treat exceeding all my expectations; her warmth, patience, curiosity and directness made collaboration a reward in itself.  Her unique aptitude for using her voice while playing the piano  inspired the vocal element of the piece. It proved to be an extra exciting challenge to approach it neither as an art song nor as “narrator and piano” work , but a sort of hybrid soloist form that is less familiar to me.   I combined this with extended “string piano” techniques that are meant to be subtle and integrated, and drew heavily on my own memories of Rocky Mountain experiences that helped me decide on a personal harmonic language and motive material that seemed suitably evocative. In the end, the result was a response to Monica’s beautiful poem that I’m pretty satisfied with.  Watch for the recording to be posted online soon!

Luciane Cardass at Going North 2, Jan. 12, 2013