Saxophone Quartet is Runner-Up in Athena Festival

This is my “Quartet No. 1″ for saxophones, runner-up in the 2013 Athena Festival, yay!   Here is the announcement:

“Dear Composers,
Thank you very much for your entries into the 2013 Athena Festival Composition Competitions. I’ve been told by panels at all levels that this year’s applications were particularly difficult to judge due to high quality. It is with pleasure that I announce the winner of the Chamber Composition Award to be “Four Drinking Songs” by Vera Ivanova and runner-up “Quartet #1 for Saxophones” by Nova Pon. The winner of the Almquist Choral Composition Award is “Dreams: Two Poems of Christina Rossetti” by Anna De Foe and runner-up “Going Across the Mountain / Hush-a-By” by Ellen Gilson Voth.

Thank you again for your participation in the competition and for your support of the 2013 Athena Festival.”