Sold out show for tonight’s Water and Glass premieres

Tonight’s “City of Water, Sea of Glass” show has sold out, and stands to shock and awe the lucky folks who got tickets! This bold undertaking by Redshift (for them, are there any other kinds?) is all about new music and new instruments revolving around glass and water and performed by Fringe percussion quartet. There is a newly created 31-equal tempered glass marimba –the Chromarimba! and a beautifully resonant rainbow glass bowl tree. There are new pieces by myself, Christiaan Venter, Mariah Mennie and Christopher Reiche, and also Viet Cuong and Tan Dan’s famous Water Music. All in Vancouver’s Waterfall Building, tonight at 8:00PM! So much cool background to this culmination of years of effort: see and

My piece, Rippling and Sinking, is for the Chromarimba, (the microtnal glass marimba!) the Rainbow (the glass bowl tree!), and a set of metal bowls and gongs, and, of course, water. Programme note:

“This piece is my attempt to integrate the artistry of these musicians, the potential of these singular instruments, and the inspiring sonds of water and glass. The title refers to two processes that are commonly experienced with water, and which occur metaphorically in this piece, and in life for that matter. Through the piece, musical ideas and gestures cast “ripples” as they are echoed and transformed, from moment to moment, across instruments, and across other microtonal “dimensions.” The idea of “sinking” also ripples across the whole work with the unsettling, (or is it settling?) sensation of being gradually, inescapably, pulled downwards.”