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Sept. 20:Wayfaring at WCMA Awards Showcase at 2PM in Victoria at St. John the Divine Anglican Church

Nov. 22:Gianetta Baril's concert "Wayfaring" will include my piece...Wayfaring!

Jan. 24 and 27:Cordei and Johanna Hauser perform Invocation (read more)

March 20 Standing Wave plays Mosaic Dances in Sonic Boom at the Orpheum Annex

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SpaceShipOne in concert this Thursday by UCSB

I’m stoked to hear the University of Calgary Symphonic Band perform this Thursday  April 5, 8:00 PM at Calgary’s Eckhardt-Gramatte Hall. This is the third ensemble to perform SpaceShipOne since it was written in 2010, and from hearing a rehearsal today, it promises to be thrilling. The musicians seem like they have really put themselves into the work, and the refinement and inspiration by director Gareth Jones is very evident.   Ticket info is here.  Come join me at the concert!


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