“The Dance of Oya” concert video now online

I wrote “The Dance of Oya” for a call for one-minute pieces composed for 15-Minutes-of-Fame: Michelle McQuade Dewhirst and it was chosen for the concert on March 11, 2012 in New York City. This concert was to celebrate Women’s History Month and targetted to women composers. My work closes the concert, starting at 7:09 of Part II, below. Go to the concert’s page  to watch Part I of the concert, and read programme notes of all the works and bios of the composers.  Bravo to Michelle and all the composers!


One thought on ““The Dance of Oya” concert video now online

  1. I think you sound like you! Which makes yiu so above all the rest1and yes , i did try to try to put you in some kind of pigeon hole, could not find one cos you r difnfreet.i shake my head and wonder1you THE PROWLERS have given me a real good night in .Thankyou soooo much.I love your music.

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