Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and “Fire Blossoms”

My recent work “Fire Blossoms” will be read by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra tomorrow, as part of the Jean Coulthard Readings, along with works by six other emerging composers: see the whole 2015_Jean_Coulthard_Programme. January 21, 10-1 PM at the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver.

You can tell from my programme note below, that the same thing inspired both the piece and my blog post: If you like fireworks shows, you can love classical music.  Here’s why.

Fire Blossoms was inspired by a particularly heightened experience of a fireworks show. While normally my impressions would have been tainted by the noise and crowds; this time I took it in almost the same way I would a piece of music. The gestures, phrasing, counterpoint, pacing, and form all struck me the way they do in music, as did the sense of light, color, space, and motion. This piece takes as its starting points: an idea of outward expansion and contraction, and the complex fusions and contrasts of colors and gestures that comprise these “Fire Blossoms” of the pyrotechnical arts.

Hope to see you there!